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Noches Culturales Granadinas bimonthly Fridays 6PM -10PM Granada, Nicaragua

Noches Culturales Granadinas returns to Granada with a night of cultural performance, dance and music for the community and visitors to the city. Public space/no admission/free to all 6PM on the Plaza in front of the Church of the Virgin of Guadalupe. The next events are April 28, May 12, 2017 6PM. (Bimonthly on Fridays). MAPLINK


Casa Tres Mundos April 2017
Arts in Granada, Nicaragua


Violin(Tres Mundos)

Philharmonic Youth Orchesta
Schubert, Massenet, Khatchaturian, Sandino
– Pirates of the Caribbean Theme

April 8, 7PM

Concert : Philharmonic Youth Orchesta, already recognized throughout Nicaragua for more than 10 years, presents this time under the direction of Rosemarie Schraufstetter, its new director, works from Austria, France, Russia, Nicaragua and themes of theMovie "Pirates of the Caribbean".Soloist with the violoncello is Cesar Jarquín de Granada.


Live Music: In Concert, Michael LaBella
La Era Dorado del Tango – The Golden Age of Tango
April 22, 7 PM, Voluntary Donation

The Golden Age of Tango classical/flamenco guitarist Michael LaBella presents the traditional tango from Argentina and Paraguay, and French and Cuban Havana rhythms from which the music evolved.
About Michael LaBella, he started playing guitar when he was a teenager in Wisconsin.While living in Puerto Rico more than a decade ago, he discovered his love of traditional Latin music and classical guitar.He learned his flamenco techniques from a teacher at the Puerto Rican Conservatory.Since then he has worked as a musician in the United States, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.Currently lives in Granada.


Michael LaBella-01


Live Theatre: "El Vuelo de los Sueños" (The Flight of Dreams)
April 20, 6:30 PM - Voluntary Donation

The veil of dreams: The montage is based on stories and poems by Rubén Darío.The work tells the story EL VELO DE LA REYNA MAB with some other textual fragments of Rubén Darío as ... I chase a form that does not find my style ... THE IDEAL ... The blue bird!It was an air of slow turns ... This montage has a second part called EL LOBO, based on the poem LOS MOTIVOS DEL LOBO.



Exhibition: Dis Moi Dix Mots

Exhibition: Dis Moi Dix Mots (Alianza Francesa): 9am-5pm Tuesday April 18 - 2 May
Casa Tres Mundos MAP

Adieu Berthe

Adieu Berthe

Festival de cine Francófono:Adieu Berthe -l'enterrement de Mémé

Abuelita Berthe has just died and Armand Lebrecq, a pharmacist from Chatou, in the French region of Yvelines, has to work with her Alzheimer's father, his wife who does not want to leave him and a lover who becomes very invasive ... Not to mention that ArmandMust prepare an act of magic for the birthday of Julie, the daughter of his lover. And to all this, what do we do for Granny? Did we bury her or incinerate her?

Thursday 27 April 6:30 pm
Casa Tres Mundos MAP
Les malheurs de Sophie (1)

Les Malheurs de Sophie

Festival de cine Francófono:Les Malheurs de Sophie

From her castle, little Sophia can not resist the temptation of the forbidden and she likes to do stupid things with her cousin Paul.When her parents decide to leave for America, Sophie is delighted.A year later, she is back in France with her terrible stepmother, Madame Fichini.But Sophie is going to have the help of her two model friends, and of her mother, Madame de Fleurville to escape the clutches of that woman.

Wednesday 26 April 6:30 pm
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Semana Santa April 7 -16, 2017
Easter in Granada, Nicaragua


Second only to Christmas in terms of significance on the religious calendar in Granada is the celebration of Easter or as it is known here, Semana Santa (Holy Week). People participate in processions that are inspired by bibilical passages. Popular celebratory traditions include “the donkey procession,” on Palm Sunday; a procession of pilgrim carts that come from all parts of Nicaragua and gather in Granada.

For the past 37 years the "Viacrucis de las Isletas" (Stations of the Cross), has been a tradition of the Holy Week in Granada. Sometimes as many as 40+ lanchas, decorated with flowers, full of catholic faithful, tourists and residents of Las Isletas, (April 10, 11, 12) tour from island to island (15) in a Stations of the Cross procession, lasting up to three hours or more. Contact us for 2017 ticket information. Call 505 8883 6834

Viacrucis on the water, an example of faith, religiosity and culture

By Tania Cerón Méndez

Holy Week is a time of great solemnity, respect and religious activities for the Catholic people in which the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is revived. In each town, municipality and department of the country in particular, religious acts are carried out, which carry their own and traditional traits.
In the department of Granada, exactly on the Islets of Lake Cocibolca, every Monday, Tuesday and Holy Wednesday the villagers, together with the authorities of the Church of Guadalupe, carry out the traditional Aquatic Viacrucis, in which more than 40 small boats The 14 stations contemplated.
"The tradition goes back to 1980 when the pastor Omar Cordero of the Church of Guadalupe saw the need for the islanders to participate in the traditional viacrucis, which is why he chose to move the tradition in an aquatic way. At first it was done in rowing boats, which year after year has increased and to date has reached great popularity," said Juan Ramon Estrada, tour guide of the Nicaraguan Institute of Culture (INC).
The particular thing of this activity lies beyond the route of Jesus in boat,

"because in each one of the boats recreate scenes of the holy writings in which children and young people assume the leading roles of Herod, Jesus and Maria, doing the activity. A great attraction during the week, which is attended by both domestic and foreign tourists. From the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (INTUR) we coordinate with the pastor of the Guadalupe Church to carry out this event in which we have 40 boats where free of charge is transferred to tourists, who enjoy our religious culture. The tour lasts four hours and most of the viacrucis is carried out by the islanders, "said Mayling Gutiérrez, of INTUR-Granada.
During the event, the INC together with INTUR reward the best boats, which are decorated by the locals, who give their best in this initiative that also promotes the Islets of Granada as a tourist destination.
If you want to be a participant in this particular religious celebration, you must be present the April Monday 10, Tuesday 11 or Holy Wednesday 12 from the Cabaña Amarilla located next to the Port Asese in the Lake of Granada. There you will board the boat and then cross the islets.

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