Alicia Zamora Noguera, Exhibition and Sale
of Prints in Granada, at Casa Tres Mundos
August 7 – September 7


Nuestra página web: Casa Tres Mundos y Facebook: Fundación Casa de los Tres Mundos Los eventos son los siguientes:

Exposición: Anotaciones gráficas del surrealismo político. Expo- venta de grabados de la artista Nicaragüense Alicia Zamora Noguera • Martes 7 de agosto al 7 de septiembre at 9AM-5PM Casa de los Tres Mundos MAPños

We invite you to the expo-sale of engravings by Nicaraguan Artist Alicia Zamora Noguera in her 10th personal exhibition. "graphic annotations of political surrealism" The exhibition will be open to the public from Tuesday, 7 August through 7 September. Don't miss this! Fundación Casa de los Tres Mundos MAP


Theatre | Sueños | Saturday August 25
at Casa Tres Mundos


Nuestra página web: Casa Tres Mundos y Facebook: Fundación Casa de los Tres Mundos Los eventos son los siguientes:

Obra de teatro:Sueños dirigida por Alicia Pilarte. Organizado por Corazón Contento. sábado 25 de Agosto 4PM. Casa Tres Mundos. Cooperación voluntaria para beneficio del centro de personas con discapacidad Corazón Contento. MAP

Theatre: Dreams directed by Alicia Pilarte. Organized by Corazón Contento. Saturday, August 25 4PM. at Casa Tres Mundos Voluntary Contribution for the benefit of the Corazón Contento Center for People with Disabilities. MAP


Granada 'grammed
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Slow travel is the only way to appreciate Granada, in all of its color and culture. Make a mental note of your route, put a map in your pocket, or on your device, then start walking. Appreciate this moment, you might not be this way again soon, and it will have changed, regardless.

There are countless houses of worship, of many faiths in Granada. It would be hard to argue though, that the most impressive were built in the first centuries of Granada's history. ...the Cathedral (there is only one) on the plaza, Guadalupe, San Francisco, La Merced, Xalteva, and Maria Auxiliadora

Dawn and dusk, the golden hour of light, are our favourite times of the day in Granada. The color of light is dreamlike, and the temperature is at its most comfortable. Whether on foot, by bicycle or in a horsedrawn carriage, this is the finest hour to see the city.

Nicaragua and you...
a time you won't forget