Our Fav 5 Do In
Granada, Nicaragua


Ride the urbano

Experience Nicaragua riding on the urbano. For just three cordobas, you'll get the tour of the city from top to bottom, through the market street, out to the cemetery, out to the new hospital. Then transfer to see the modern Granada, built in the mid 20th century, where most of Granada lives. Hop off, hop on. Stop for a bite or a bit of immersion. The bus'll be back soon. Practise your spanish all the while. Your guidebook won't help you here, you're off the beaten path. The bus will be along in just a minute. For extra value and experience, take a local guide. MAP

The boys of summer, or winter

There are two baseball seasons in Nicaragua, and fortunately for Granada, we have a team in both leagues. It doesn't matter if you like sport or baseball, Granadinos do (well, perhaps not all) and this is where they cheer for the hometown pride at the Roque T. Zavala stadium, you passed it on your way into town, if you came in form the north (Masaya, or Managua) Check for dates and times, we do our best to know. For extra value and experience, take a local guide. MAP


The lowdown on Baho
and other street eats

Unless you're a vegetarian, I recommend you get in line at the market after five while they're serving up the bajo. A beef and vegetable dish that's been on the slow cook most of the day but, it's ready now. Served up on a leaf, finger food or if you're too refined, knife and fork.

While you're on the street, in the market, to dine is divine. Vigorón is just the appetizer, and if you hunger for more, try the quesillo (vegetarian approved) For extra value and experience, take a local guide. MAP

The islets of Granada

A prehistoric eruption of Volcano Mombacho blew out its side, the eruption and ensuing landslide created this archipelago of small islands, surrounding the Asese Peninsula. From Granada, or Puerto Asese you can depart for a leisurely lancha (canopy-covered boat, with a pilot) cruise that winds through the spaces between the islands, or you could kayak for a nearer to nature experience. For extra value and experience, take a local guide. MAP


Chicha, the drink that made Granada famous

Well, maybe chicha didn't make Granada famous but, every national known, famous or infamous, has made it a point of call to stop in for a conversation and imbibe a glass of the pink drink, Chicha. So, on your route to the Polvora, the 18th century armoury, on the corner just prior, you'll see the sign, so nose on over and cautiously enquire, ¿hay chicha? For extra value and experience, take a local guide. MAP

Sustainable tourism is...

"We invest in our abilities to make your investment in us, more valuable to you. Buy locally-made handcrafts and products. Respect livelihoods of local vendors and artisans by paying a fair price. Do not buy counterfeit products or items that are prohibited by national/international regulations. Hire local guides with in-depth knowledge of the area." #TravelEnjoyRespect

Nicaragua and you...
a time you won't forget