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Casa Tres Mundos
July Arts In Granada, Nicaragua


Concert of New Music/ Contemporary Nicaragüense

July 12/ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

The Chamber Orchestra of the UPOLI Conservatory presents a program of modern pieces written by three young Nicaraguan composers, Gabriel Bolaños, Guillermo Norory and Juan Rosales Pasquier.

Gabriel José Bolaños (born 1984 in Bogota, Colombia) is a Nicaraguan-American musician of chamber music, symphonic and electroacoustic. He earned a Ph.D. in composition and music theory from the University of California, Davis, and a Bachelor of Music degree from Columbia University in New York. As a composer, he focuses on exploring new timbres and musical structures, and is interested in the use of technology as a tool for composition, psychoacoustics and auditory perception and linguistics.

The composer Guillermo González Norori (Momotombo), culminated the 8th degree of Musical Composition in the "Royal Academy of Music" of London. Momotombo is the name of his audiovisual music project, in which they combine music and instruments of the pacific of Nicaragua with universal sounds, pop, funk, jazz, rock and electronic.

Juan Rosales Pasquier is a young Nicaraguan graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Berklee in Boston, USA. He plays flute and oboe, and works as a music teacher at the Music Conservatory of UPOLI.

Casa de los Tres Mundos is located on the Plaza del la Independencia Map/Directions


Documentary/ CrazyWise

July 13/ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

This July, the documentary "Crazywise", produced and directed by Americans Phil Borges and Kevin Tomlinson (2016), will be presented in Nicaragua. The documentary explores what our Western society can learn from people around the world who have made their psychological crises - or 'mental illnesses' - positive experiences of transformation.
The presentations are being organized by María Isabel Cantón, a Nicaraguan woman with experience in the field of Mental Health, who in 2014 experienced what she calls 'extreme emotional experiences' and as a result was diagnosed with a mental illness.
María Isabel created the blog Breaking The Label ( from where she tackles different issues around mental health always from her lived experience. Among the reasons that led Maria Isabel to share her experience in public is the firm belief that the paradigm around severe mental health crises must change so that the people who experience them can get the support they need to recover.

Casa de los Tres Mundos is located on the Plaza del la Independencia Map/Directions


Film: Le nouveau

July 26/ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Benoit is a young man of fourteen who experiences a great change in his life when his family decides to move to Paris. Away from his life in the field, he will have to do everything on his side to try to make friends in his new school, something that will not be easy and will cause him to quickly feel marginalized.
After a while without seeing his social life evolve, Benoit realizes that he is not the only newcomer, a Swedish girl named Johanna joins the school after him. To approach it, the protagonist decides to throw a party at his house and invite all his companions, with the bad luck that only the three nerds of his class attend the event.
Despite this, the party turns into a fun and improvised night with his new friends Aglaée, Red Head and Constantin. But when it seems that his social life is what it once was, the most popular kids in the school want him to join his group, which will lead him to make the decision to give up his friends and go with the latter. (shown in the original french with spanish subtitles)


Recommended from 7 years and up.

Casa de los Tres Mundos is located on the Plaza del la Independencia Map/Directions

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